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Question asked by cpking on Apr 11, 2018
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Thanks in advance for helping the newbie figure this out....

I'm an MS Access person, so the help this group has offered me with FileMaker is absolutely appreciated!


I have one table that contains information on presentations for a conference. I've created a layout that simply displays this info (i.e., name of presentation, description, etc.). I have another table that contains each timeslot at the conference we are organizing (i.e., Monday, 9-10am, Monday 10:15-11:15am, etc.). I have another table that contains presenters' names and info (i.e., John Jones, University of Carolina).


I have two goals:

1) have a field in the presentations layout that selects a timeslot and shows that info. Ideally, doing so would prevent another presentation from 'grabbing' the same timeslot.


2) I will have up to five presenters per presentation, so I'd like to display 1-5 names on the presentation layout.


I've attached a very rough picture of my goal. If there are multiple presenters, this section would grow accordingly.