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Layout displaying data from Multiple TOs - Slow to commit changes

Question asked by benmort81 on Apr 12, 2018
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Hello All,


I have a database of Student's lesson attendance marks. I have a "Student" table and "Register" table holding a registration mark for 7 lessons a day, Monday to Friday. There are no unstored calculations or summary field in the "Register" table. The Attendance Manager needs to be able to view the week's attendance for a group of pupils (could be 1000+ if viewing all students).


The problem I have is that on a layout based on Students, I need to view/edit 35 related marks for each record. I therefore either have 35 TOs of the "Register" table, each relationally filtered to give me the correct day and lesson mark... or I have 35 filtered portals for each record.


Both methods take a good few seconds to load the data when viewing... scrolling down the records is laggy and stutters as it tries to cache, but viewing is not the main issue - rather, when an attendance mark has been modified the user has to wait for a second or two for the change to be committed. All-in-all it is a frustrating user experience.


35 filtered portals on the layout are slower than 35 TOs. Having a hybrid structure of 5 TOs (one for each day) and then having portals filtered on the lesson for that day is not discernibly different to the 35 TOs.


Any ideas how I can restructure, or work around to more efficiently view/edit multiple rows of data from the same related table?


Thanks very much,