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Button bar labels show backslash for escaped characters in edit mode

Question asked by realgrouchy on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by jormond

When I'm in edit mode and I have a button bar button whose label is "Click \"HERE\" for a good time", the label appears correctly in browse mode (Click "HERE" for a good time), but in edit mode it displays the backslashes too.


This makes it very confusing because if it were a button or popover button (not on a button bar), the label would show the backslashes both in edit mode and in browse mode (because those labels aren't calculations).


So when I'm editing, if I see a button that has the backslashes, I have to check to see if it's a button bar (and it will display correctly in browse mode) or if it's a non-button bar (and I have to remove the backslashes from the label).


I'm using FMPA on OSX 10.12.6, "Enlightened" theme.


- RG>