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Runtime packaging for Mac

Question asked by tays01s on Apr 12, 2018
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I am preparing to package a Mac Runtime. I have an AppleScript app 'NST_mac':

-- Path to the runtime in the App

set appPath to (((path to me) as text) & "")

-- Convert path to a POSIX path

set newAppPath to POSIX path of appPath

-- executing the script file


    set command to "open " & newAppPath

    do shell script command

end try


But get the error:

tell current application

    path to current application

        --> alias "Macintosh"

    do shell script "open /Users/stephen/Documents/Projects_own/FM/RTS/"

        --> error "The file /Users/stephen/Documents/Projects_own/FM/RTS/ does not exist." number 1

end tell


I have checked the filepath is correct.


1. What am I missing?

2. Are there better ways of packaging a Mac Runtime that using Packages and the method outlined in: FileMaker Runtime Packages and Installer for Mac | Blog | CampSoftware