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Active Directory Sign on Partially Working

Question asked by frnkthtnk112 on Apr 12, 2018


I've created a dummy application to try out the features of filemakerserver. One of the selling points on buying the server is at my university is that we can use Activedirectory for authentication. I followed the instructions on the support page and created a group in active direct called "Filemaker" just to test it out. I tried using signing on via the WebDirect and that works perfectly! I tried signing on the same database via the filemaker client application and it did not work. I keep on getting this error: "2018-04-12 08:52:52.067 -0400 Warning               661        PHLFILEMAKER03             SECURITY: Client "HFU (francolaptop) []" authentication failed on database "Events.fmp12" using "fpettigrosso [fmapp]"."