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Container Fields Storing In Remote Location

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2018
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I have a solution where a file is created on the server, the salesman log into the system on their iPhones, download the data onto their iPhones. When they are out in the field they enter data, and also add photos. When they sync it back (using a script with "set field" script steps, all the data comes over, the photos as well. Sometimes they will reclaim the same record bringing in all their data, photos as well. This all works perfectly.


My question is:


I want to change how the container fields are stored to, "Store Data Externally", and when I do that using the "set field" script step will photo be sent to the iPhone? And when the iPhone is syncing back to the database where the containers data is stored using external storage on the iPhone know to send the photo back to the server? (Hope I'm explaining this correctly}. The database running on the server is the same one we run on the iPhones, and it would be nice if I didn't have to go change the container fields with the, "Store Data Externally" option.


My other option would be to write a little database and then serve it and test it, but I was hoping that someone had experience with this.  :-)


Thanks Community!