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The person who manages the inventory (on the paper) is working to get some data for the auditors.  He has pulled from the accounting system inventory counts over the years by part number.  For each part number he needs the most recent count isolated.  For some parts it might be in 2011, others in 2015.  There are 65,000 transactions.  He was using Crystal Reporting.  There is a maximum function there, but he has never used it.


I have the data to play with it in Filemaker 16.  I created a summary part with a summary field using the maximum option on the Date Field.  If any of these lines have a ZERO count I 'throw' them out.  I do not go to an older date that has a count.  I am going to do a summary export to Excel, then delete rows with zero from there. 


Is this the best method?  His spreadsheet has 5 tabs of data.