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Dev server running on macbook pro

Question asked by sussexcreative on Apr 12, 2018



So generally I'd develop off a dedicated development server.  However for recently I installed development server on my laptop, largely because I needed to do s software demo to a new client who has really poor internet broadband, however this week I tried to do some development from it.


This morning I opened my laptop and started, and then opened the file to work from, only to discover all the work I had done this week was missing.  After much panicking, and checking that I hadn't actually done the work on a different server I started to go through the server backups on my laptop.


Last nights backup was also missing this weeks work.  Tuesday nights backup, however had all the missing changes.


I can't even begin to understand what happened, however I was relieved not to have lost any work and have moved everything back to our AWS server.


Has anyone experienced similar issues?


Its a 2017 Mac Book Pro running HighSierra 10.13.4 with FMS 16.01 with a default installation also installed is FMPA 16