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Slide Control Last Panel and Triggers

Question asked by georgedrohan on Apr 12, 2018
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I'm using Filemaker 16


I would like to be able to Swipe in Filemaker Go while in a Group of  SLIDE CONTROLS to the First Panel When you reach the Last Panel. Currently when you Swipe it Stops at the Last Panel. The User Is swiping Thru Images they reach the last image and it goes back to the First  Image. So if there is Four Panels set up, within the Slide Control upon reaching the 4th panel and swiping to the left (toward the non existing Fifth Pane) it goes back to the First Panel


Problem - Getting A Trigger to Active when Swipe out from last  Panel. 


I'm Using a OnPanelSwitch Trigger to get Relevant Information Such as the the Panel name and The Panel Order #.  The OnPanelSwitch Does not Register as a TRIGGER, when you are in the LAST PANEL and attempt to SWIPE out.  I noticed this when I set up a Global Variable that just Counts itself, when OnPanelSwitch is triggered, not increasing value.


I've tired OnObjectModify Trigger, and that does not increase my Global Variable, same as above, and you don't get to use any of the GET (Trigger[xx ]Panel) features.


So basically, while using File Maker Go, how can a user  SWIPE from the LAST PANEL to and go to the  FIRST PANEL within a  SLIDE CONTROL.


Any Suggestions?  I think its a Trigger issue, or am I missing something.


I have Successful written, based on previous discussions Left Arrow Button and a Right Arrow Button (Forward / Back) to Move to the Next Panel, Loop from last Panel to First, and Even Skip a Panel if the Panel is Empty, by Naming individual Panels (ie panel1, panel2, panel3, panel4), and using "Go To Object", also IF,ELSE IF, ELSE IF deals with the Empty Panel Issues.


I think I learned a lot about this subject reading previous discussions such as;

Naming Panels To Use with Go To Object

Use GetLayoutObjectAttribute with "IsFrontPanel", to "Focused" Panel Name

Use OnPanelSwitch, to get The TriggerTargetPanel, or the TriggerCurrentPanel

Use a Get Value on the TriggerTargetPanel to get the Panel Number

and LASTERROR = 116 mean "Layout object is missing"


Thank you all for the Information. Everyone has Shared.  The Forum, and the Users have been a God Send.