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Keyboard gone funny - FM 16 Pro Advanced (Win 32-bit)

Question asked by J_File on Apr 12, 2018
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Has anyone else had this issue:


As of about 30 minutes ago, for no apparent reason, my keyboard refusese to allow me to cycle up and down in Manage Database in the 'fields' window. It works fine in the 'tables' window, and also in the script workspace. If I try to press up or down, it jumps out of the main field window and puts the active field as either the filed selector or the field name typing box (like it is tabbing out up or down). If I press the 'Page Up' button, it seems to keep the active field where I want it, and then the up and down arrows work. If I leave the screen and come back, the problme comes back again. It is not my solution as the same behaviour is seen in FileMaker's own starter solutions.


I have tried the keyboard on my MacPro and everything works OK on that.


Very frustrated!!


I have tried restarting FM and restarting my computer, to no avail.


As I asked, has anyone come across this? FM + Windows = Buggy :-(