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Newbie Question: HELP! How on earth do I accomplish this . . .?!

Question asked by gadget on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by onefish

Hello. I'm new to the Filemaker Community and new to Filemaker in general, and I have a rather complex question. Or at least, I guess it's complex. I am a writer, and I'm working on character arcs. Each character in the story (each character will have a set of traits like "Name," "Age," "Gender," "Birthday," etc.) goes through a process of evolution, going through an "Introduction," the "New Situation," the "First Plot Point," the First Pinch Point," the "Second Plot Point," the "Mid Point," then the "Second Plot Point," then the "Second Pinch Point," then the "Climax," then the "Resolution." At each point in the story, each character has "Doubts," "Knowledge," "What They Find Out," and "What They Do." So as you can see, what I need to create is a database that relates four separate things: Characters, their current position in each of their story arcs, also their current story-position in the overarching story of the novel, then their Doubts, Knowledge, Find Outs, and Doings at that point in the/their personal journey. So, the question is, how the heck would I go about building this in FileMaker? And please remember, you're talking to someone who is relatively "new" to database design and relatively new to FileMaker, as well. :-) Thanks a ton for any help in advance.