Percentage Calculation & Summary Fields Need Tweaking

Discussion created by PeterTeneldas on Apr 15, 2018
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Hi everyone.


May I please request assistance with a calculation and summary field?

My movie database has a checkbox for foreign films. In the tab section, I want to include the total amount of foreign movies in my database. I also want to display what percentage of total movies are foreign.


For example, if my database has 200 total movies, and 20 of them are foreign, I want the FOREIGN tab to display something like this:


Total # of Foreign Movies: 20

Percentage of Foreign Movies: 10


I’m pretty sure I set up the TOTAL field calculation correctly, and I’m pretty sure I did the Foreign Count and Foreign Summary fields correctly.


I’m not so sure about the Foreign Percentage calculation field, and I’m definitely not sure about the Foreign Calculation Summary field.


The Foreign Calculation field formula I used is: (Foreign Summary / Total) * 100


You can see what I did with the summary field.


I’m clearly doing something wrong, because the Percentage field in the Foreign tab isn’t right.


I’m overlooking something that is probably obvious...but not to me! Would anyone be willing to glance at the database and see where I need tweaking?

Thank you!

PS: I’m also going to want to do this for the Silent tab and the DVD tab, so hopefully, once the Foreign fields are right, I can replicate them for the other tabs. Thanks again.