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How to add a literal around ExecuteSQL query fields?

Question asked by fmpdude on Apr 16, 2018
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I'm sure this is probably simple, but I'm having trouble just adding a literal, like a "(" and a ")"  -- to put around numbers in ExecuteSQL output.


In MySQL, this is simple, with the built-in concat function, like this:


select concat('$(', `Yearly Amounts`, ')') as expense from Expenses


prints numbers, as expected, like ($10.00).




Yet, in FMP, I can't quite see how to do the same thing.


ExecuteSQL ( "select" &  '(' & " invoice_amount from expenses " & ')' & " as test" , "" ,"")


==> Blank Result.


The FMP SQL Reference manual only references concatenation, that I found, discussing combining two fields, but not literals like "(" or other.


Thanks in advance for suggestions.