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oAuth 1.0 signature creation in FMPA16

Question asked by tictaco on Apr 14, 2018
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I'm trying to connect to the Nokia Health API.

I'm unable to connect from within Filemaker. Can't get the oAuth1 signature generated correctly.


Below some info on what I used and my attempt (including keys for I hope someone can generate a working example)


Used this site for testing the API: OAuth Test Client

Use the following credentials:

     Consumer key: c9c289d9623660634618225c39313132201cfc488fe488ff5e7d98571c0748

     Consumer Secret: 4d5617ff442e2f26962c50726873247b727dfb2959ccd38cf0d959017d9f6603

     Endpoint URL:


At the time I tested this was the working request:

request url:

OAuthRequest Object


    [parameters:OAuthRequest:private] => Array


            [oauth_version] => 1.0

            [oauth_nonce] => b89f54d691fc0fc9b0850655bd7563b0

            [oauth_timestamp] => 1523713843

            [oauth_consumer_key] => c9c289d9623660634618225c39313132201cfc488fe488ff5e7d98571c0748

            [oauth_signature_method] => HMAC-SHA1

            [oauth_signature] => 3CNQeyi2LHS2WQ+aEyR1YvJWYpE=




    [http_method:OAuthRequest:private] => GET

    [http_url:OAuthRequest:private] =>

    [base_string] => GET&


The above generated data I used to check if I was able to generate the same signature from the given Basestring. Unfortunately I wasn't.


I hope someone can create a working example for Filemaker 16 InsertFromUrl script.