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Can't Delete Record / one or more relationships invalid

Question asked by sawhat on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by sawhat

I have a single file solution that is running on cloud server FM Cloud using mac and win7 clients using 15 & 16 pro.


Schema: Customers > Locations > Orders > Line Items (Customers has no additional TO's ; Locations has 4 additional TO's)

If I attempt to delete any Customer Record it fails with the following error:

" This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables is invalid."


Data Displays fine in all Portals and Layouts.

Location Records can be Deleted


On a backup:

The only way I can delete a customer record is to first delete the relationship between Customers > Locations.

I tried to re-index the kp in Customers & kf  in Locations by turning off Validation/Unique and setting Storage/Index to none with and with without the option to automatically rebuild checked, saving and then going back in and checking Automatically create indexes as needed if unchecked.


Recover / Rebuild

When I run a recovery on a current backup I get a couple of errors:

12 #8476 related to themes being recovered

No fields or records were created or deleted

I went back to my last good backup (no recovery errors) and cloned it. Then I imported all of the data from the recovered file. The result was that 6 Location records were omitted from the import due to some damage. Since I could not see any anomalies or noticeable garbage in those records in the original file I assume the problem is with the index or perhaps the block headers.


The resulting file exhibited the same behavior as the original so this recovery attempt failed.


Looking for suggestions or documentation.