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Webdirect 16 Error: Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector

Question asked by Alex.Kovacic on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Lisa Rose



I started getting this message last week while using filemaker webdirect:


Cookies are disabled

Enable cookies and refresh the browser window.


Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector because no JavaScript init function was found. Make sure one of these functions are defined:

  • com_filemaker_jwpc_iwp_application_AppJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractComponent
  • com_vaadin_server_AbstractClientConnector


at first it went away after a little while but now all day it has been like this, I've tested multiple browsers on multiple OS but it shows the same thing on all.


I've read a few other posts that have had the same problem but all those fixes are not working for me.


This is happening at the same time on 2 servers I manage, one hosted on macOS and one on Windows Server so it doesn't seem to be a OS specific problem.


The error appears when you select a database, you can see the list just fine but when you enter in one it stops loading after a few seconds and that message appears.


Both sites use HTTPS for the website.


Anyone has any idea how to fix it?