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Fields in portals insist on putting themselves at half pixel points

Question asked by J_File on Apr 17, 2018
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Sorry for the rubbish title - couldn't think of a better way to describe it!


See the screen grab below:



What is happening here, is that I have already put a field into a portal, I put it at position 1255 Left and 402 top. I then drag it 5 pixels to the left so I want it to be at 1250 Left and 402 top, but for some annoying reason, it goes to a half point. The only time this happens if I want to drag stuff around within the portal.


I have my grid settings in the inspector set to this:



I have been working on my Application now for over 18 months, and did notice this behaviour a long time ago, but it seemed to disappear (working on Mac). It seems to have re-appeared, but only since I switched to working on a PC.


Anyone got any wise words? It is really annoying as I do a lot of portal work, and my OCD requires me to have everything perfectly lined up.


Thanks, J