Cannot start or stop the worker machine, FMS 16.0.4

Discussion created by barabba on Apr 16, 2018
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Hi, agina here for asking help. The FMS is extremely delicated and in my opinion buggy software, to install it correctly you may be really lucky or work for hours to find a possible solution.
I had problems installing it on Win7 64 Pro (was missing the C++ runtime, I discovered it myself trying), once installed in the admin consolle I have a 404 error when testing the test.xml page. I solved it reating the path and copying the file inside (see here Test web server ( Error code = 404 ), so the installation process ends succesfully, all check passed but in the end the Webdirect doesn't work.


I had installed latest IIS 10, then how suggested I enabled the native IIS inside Win7 and some important features for it. I tried reinstall FMS, then I tried unisntall IIS10 and all components, native Win7 IIS, then reboot and enable only the native IIS with important features, then reinstall FMS but same problem, 404 on test.xml and after I can't start the worked machine, I turn the switch on and after some seconds it goes off the the error.
Please help! Thank you
PS: no forewall, no antivirus, I am admin.
I think the problem is that FMS can't manage well the IIS, create redirects and so on..fms.jpg