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FileMaker Go - Card height doesn't exceed approx 600px

Question asked by damienkelly on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by damienkelly

Product and version: FileMaker Go 16.0.4, accessing a FileMaker 16 server hosted file.


OS and version: iOS 11.3


Hardware: iPad Air 2, Wifi 16gb


Description: I am using the cards(great 16 feature!) to make a vertical navigation menu down the left hand side of the screen. The issue I am seeing is that the card does not exceed 600px in height, meaning there is a gap on the bottom of the iPad. I have tried changing the layout height for both the HOME layout(behind the card) and the NAVIGATION layout(down the left hand side) with no change in behaviour. I have tried using different parts on NAVIGATION layout being top navigation, title header, header, body, footer, title footer and bottom navigation parts on card - behaviour is consistent.

Note: The HOME layout consists only of a body section.


How to replicate:

[1] Create a HOME layout, dimensions H660px x W1024px. (tried variations in height)

[2] Create a NAVIGATION layout, dimensions H660px x W120px. (tried variations in height)

[3] Create a script/script step, New Window, Name: Card, Style: Card, Layout: NAVIGATION, Top 0, Left 0, Height (tried many variations, 600, 800, 1200)

[4] Run Script


Notes: I have also tried changing the height of the HOME layout also to 800, 1200, FileMaker Go card seems to always stop at the same point from the bottom. The card is scrollable. All works fine on desktop.

I have the same issue on 2 different FileMaker files.