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Layout that would allow display specific container for all recordings

Question asked by Pierre-HuguesDemersMartel on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Pierre-HuguesDemersMartel

I setup a Filemaker that links photos (Photo A, Photo B, ...) to equipment (pretty simple) using containers.


My boss is now asking me to add a model that would do the following:

  • Display one specific Photo container / record (ex: Photo A record #1, Photo A record #2, ...)
  • A line of text underneath (concatenate of 2 text fields which provide the Photo's name ex: Ligne &"-"& Unit)
  • 2x2 photos & name Layout per page (I know how to do it one under the other, but not side by side from different record)
  • Jumping empty container (not sure if mask if empty or slide to the left & slide up will work)


I apologize if I used the wrong terminology, but I use a french version of Filemaker.


Thank you for your assistance