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Email script won't send to large group

Question asked by lmack on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by beverly

After some initial hiccups (and switching from email client to SMTP), my client's email send scripts have been working well - until last week.


A script that sends an email to a found set kept returning an error message that email couldn't be sent. The found set should have sent 41 emails. Client is using FM 16 and file is stored on FM Server 14. Script runs on FM Pro, not server.


When I tried a test, with dummy records to send emails to myself (2 records), the script worked fine. We just tried a script (using the same Send Email subscript) to send an email to a single recipient and it worked.


I've been through my script steps over and over. Other parts of the script (such as setting the sent date) work.


Does FileMaker have a problem sending emails to large sets? Anyone have experience with this issue?