Who would anyone use FileMaker Cloud Hourly?

Discussion created by andypieman on Apr 17, 2018
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I've recently started looking at FileMaker Cloud, and I think I've now got a good handle on how it works. I have in my travels managed to get charged for an instance running for 24 hours alongside the free trial I thought was the only instance I'd spawned. I've since been charged quite a bit of money for a service that I never even configured, let alone used. I'm less bothered about this than the question, "who would ever think hourly FM Cloud is a good idea, and why do FileMaker even offer this"?


So hourly for 5 users, it costs nearly $9000/year to keep an instance up and available at all times. To avoid this, you have to open and close databases and spin EC2 instances when "your not using it". This isn't any kind of an automated process, or even particularly easy to do. So am I to believe FileMaker really think the first person into work is supposed to boot it up, and the last to leave supposed to shut it down? If someone "leaves the tap running over the weekend" It'll cost $60+ for that lapse of concentration. Even if it's just used during office hours, week days, and not during holidays, it'll still cost over 5 times the normal annual license cost.


I understand the BYOL is the way to go if you want continual functionality, but why price a product to make it so ridiculously unattractive as any kind of proposition. I am really struggling to think of any situation where this will ever be of use. The nearest I get is where someone needs to share a system for an event for a short time, like over a week or weekend, but at $170/week it's worth considering looking at other options that charge that kind of price for a year's subscription.


I'd be keen to hear from anyone who uses hourly and how they use it.