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Problem with Cartesian Product Relationship

Question asked by HB on Apr 17, 2018
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Help - A script's 'set field' step doesn't appear to be updating a field's value.


Set variable [$Today; Value: Get (CurrentDate)]

Set Field [BR_LiveGlobals::BR_EmailsSentLastDate; $Today


when run, BR_EmailsSentLastDate is unchanged



BR::LiveGlobals is a table having only 1 record

Currently I am in a layout with a found set of another table having one of the fields related to a field in the BR_LiveGlobals table via the X operator (Cartesian product relationship)

BR_EmailsSentLastDate is an indexed Date field currently set at  4/9/2018   (as per DataViewer)


If the script correctly identifies the value of BR_LiveGlobals::BR_EmailsSentLastDate, shouldn't it be able to set it to another value? This usually works on most fields in the table but sometimes it doesn't on this field.


I have used this setup to always be sure that all computers accessing a particular field in the BR_LiveGlobals table get the same value rather than using a global field which can vary from one computer to another.