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What are the costs for using Microsoft OAuth?

Question asked by CarlHenshall on Apr 18, 2018

I am exploring the options for using having users authenticate into FileMaker databases using oAuth.  Microsoft seems to be the only one that allows 'groups' rather than users so I'm focussing on that. If I understand things correctly this is achieved using Azure Active Directory. I am trying to work out the cost of using this & wondering if anyone can help.  It looks like signing up to MS Azure is free. It also looks like Azure Active Directory is not available in the UK region but is available in Germany. Azure Active Directory then has a number of different editions - free, basic, premium p1 & premium p2 with different costs for each. gives a breakdown of the difference between the editions but I'm not really sure which is needed for FileMaker.


The free option doesn't include "Group-based access management/provisioning" - do I need that to use groups?


The free & basic editions have "Limited" for "Multi-Factor Authentication (Cloud and On-premises (MFA Server))" - would I be able to use 2-factor authentication to FM with the free / basic edition?