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Question asked by kathryn.a.richwine on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by kathryn.a.richwine

Hi- My knowledge with FileMaker Pro is pretty minimal, but have been able to figure out most of the basic stuff through videos. There is one thing that I cannot seem to figure out- not sure what the right approach is, which may be really simple, but it has stumped me. I am creating an inventory database for all of our equipment that will allow us to create reports of the items we want to take out in the field and where each item is packed. Some of our items are not packed in cases so I created a table that will list those items along with all of our packing cases. Another table I created lists the contents that could be packed in the cases. I gave each case an ID number in table 1 and in table 2 have a field for entering a matching ID number for contents that is packed in the corresponding case. I then created a report that spit out each content item with its case. But what I really want to happen is to just have one space that has the case name and have all of the contents for that case to be spit out in one text box. Is this possible to set up? In the end I am trying to create a report to take the weight and dimensions and case name from table 1 and match it to the contents of the case in table 2 without repeating  the table 1 info for each individual content (which is what happened in the attached report). I attached screenshots of the tables and the report from my test file. Hopefully I explained this well enough...