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Production Scheduling Software and FM Integration

Question asked by b.weaver on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Draco

Hey All,


Short Version: Looking for a production scheduling package that is able to interface with FM (I'm currently on 11).


We are currently using a custom made Mac software solution for scheduling work on our production floor.  The schedule has an available timeline of around one year from the current day.  There are cells (by department by cell type) available to schedule chunks of work into, of various lengths of time, and the chunks of work can be dragged around, forward and backward along time timeline.  The chunks of work are linked to other chunks of work by their order number.  The software outputs documents that get distributed to the various departments on the production floor.  The software receives information from and writes information to FM 11 via AppleScript.


I've been asked to begin looking around to see if there are other solutions available that can interface (well) with FM and this is obviously my go-to place for insight!


What are your experiences/suggestions?


Thanks in advance!