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Compare Numbers in a TextBox

Question asked by prfbessa on Apr 18, 2018
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I need some help with Comparing numbers in a text box, follow I write about our system.


In my FileMaker DB we have one Text Box field that inform what is the last software version that our customer have.
Example about entry: Microsoft Office 2010.

But in many situations we have this: Microsoft Office 2016 - Upgrade 2010.
That indicate this Office 2016 is an upgrade from 2010, but I need only the 2016 Information.


I planning create a new TextBox Last Version, only with version number, like: 2016. Only.


How can I use FileMaker Calculation to read all group of 4 characters numbers (20xx) in this TextBox (Fully with Text and Numbers), and compare what is the bigger number, and show me the result (Paste) in this other new TextBox (Short - Only Version Number).


I appreciate any help.


Paulo Renan Ferrari