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Discussion created by rkutcher on Apr 18, 2018
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I have two related tables - Reports and Attachments.     The Attachment table has 2 layouts, Single Photo (single photo per page and Double Photo (two photos per page).


Until now I have sent reports to my customer that included the Report layout with the Double Photo and Single Photo layouts appended to the Report.


The script that prepared the report started on the Report layout and did the following:


Saved the Report as a PDF.

Search for related Attachments on the Double Photo layout

Count the Double Photo pages

Number the Double Photo pages as Page 1, 2, 3, etc of the total number of pages

Save the Double Photo pages as PDF and append to the originalPDF as Attachment 1

Search for related Attachments on the Single Photo layout

Count, number and save Single Photo pages as Attachment 2


I would now like to change and number all pages of the report as Page 1, 2, 3...N of N.


I have two things that I need help with.


1. The total number of pages will now be the sum of the Report (always 1 page)  + the number of Double Photo pages + the number of Single Photo pages.  I think I can do this with a few changes to the above script process.


2.  My bigger problem is how to number the individual pages?