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HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, etc.)

Question asked by ThierryGuemboura on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

Hi everybody,


I am starting a new project to connect my main FmPro 16 (server and users) to a client website to retrieve jobs and provide feedback during processing and when completed.

The document provided by the client is very succinct. It simply mentions that I must be able to generate and consume standard HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, etc.).

The system communicates through HTTP GET and HTTP put requests and encodes data in JSON format.

For JSON data I can manage but  I have no idea, no documentation on how to use my password and username. I also know that the client provides:

  1. for authentication
  2. for test purposes
  3. for Production

The client does not give me a functional specification only just few pages of C# (attached) which I can read but given my limited knowledge (libraries, which variable used, etc.) in this area I have no idea how to establish my connection FileMaker to webauth and then test website to play with the JSON data.

I would really appreciate if somebody could provide me with some guidance, literature, example(s).


FYI, you can cut some corners on your guidance, explanations, I am an experienced FileMaker developer since Claris in 1995 and I have owned and programmed all FileMaker Pro versions, I just never had to deal with this specific https stuff.

Thank you in advance.