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YouTube Embed Links No Longer Working

Question asked by gdaniels99 on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by schamblee

One year ago I created a video & script database for a TV show. We archive our shows on YouTube and scripts at DropBox and view each in the database via a web viewer. Each record contains a field with a YouTube embed link that is displayed in the web viewer. We use this database daily and it has worked flawlessly for the past year.


But now when I open the database, none of the videos will load in the web viewer. (See screenshot below:)




I emailed the database to my iphone and it works flawlessly in FileMaker Go. I opened it on my MacBook pro using FileMaker Pro 15.03 and 15.04 and it worked flawlessly. I've tried it on two separate PCs at work and it will no longer load YouTube videos via an EMBED link (even though it's done so for over a year on both PCs.)  I've pasted the embed link into web browsers on those same PCs and they load flawlessly (thus no network blocks or internet connectivity issues).


When I enter Facebook video embed URLs, they load flawlessly. But not YouTube (except standard "watch?v=" type links but I don't like those links because they load the entire YouTube page into the web viewer and not just the video.)


I've asked this question on another site and have confirmed that the EMBED links work on some Windows versions of FileMaker Pro and not others:

YouTube videos no longer showing - FileMaker 15 -


So why did it recently stop working on the PC version of Filemaker Pro 15.04 after working for over a year? And how can I fix this?