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List calculation with additional criteria

Question asked by ericmiller on Apr 19, 2018
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I will do my best to explain what I'm trying to do.


Talent Table

This table holds information for people I hire.  I have a table for the different skills, and then a Ranking Table which joins the talent and skill table and it allows me to also give the Rank record a rating on a 5 star system.


On my Table list I can filter the talent based on skills they have. I use a global field "gSkillListGlobalField" for a check box field for me to select the different skills I want to filter by.


Each talent record has a field called "cSkillListField" which makes a list of all the skills which the talent has.  Then is what the script compares to the "gSkillListGlobalField" to get my filter.


What I would like to add.  I would like to be able to add another global field where I can at a star selection.  For example I would add 4 stars, so only people who not only have the skill, are also 4 stars.


Right now "cSkillListField" calculation is simply "List (Skills::__kpnID)".  I'm wondering if I can add to this to then only list skills the person has which is X amount.


Then I could create a global field which might be "gSkillScoreGloabalField" which will hold a number score.  Then the formula would be something like List (Skills::__kpnID with score higher then gSkillScoreGloabalField).


Obviously that formula would not work, so I'm wondering how I could do this?



Thank you,



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