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"plain" as a parameter

Question asked by debi on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by user19752

I think this may be a bug of sorts, or perhaps the word "plain" is somehow reserved when it comes to being a parameter?


I've got a text-editing UI where folks can select some text, then pick one of three buttons on a button bar to format it. The buttons are "plain," "bullet," and "number." It's not overly complicated (no Roman numerals, no sub-indenting - though I wish that could be easier). Each button uses those words as a parameter, too.


Usually, when entering text as a parameter for a script, FileMaker will automatically put the text in quotes. And it did, for "bullet" and "number." But for "plain," it capitalized the word and did not add quotes. In the Data Viewer, Get ( ScriptParameter ) shows as 0 in this case, and the script goes a bit wonky.


Easy enough to fix, but a bit strange. Has anybody else seen this? Can you replicate it or provide a reason why it happens?


FMP Advanced on Mac.