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More than two fields in a value list

Question asked by stefer on Apr 19, 2018
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I have multiple tables, one is an actor list, with their names, surnames, initial, adress, etc.

Another one that is an event execution table, where I have an Id for the execution, an IdActor that is linked to the Id of my actor in the first table, etc.


Everything works with all the other items that reference other tables.


But the ones that refers to my actor... I want to have a dropdown that lists my actors.  I added a portal to that table, picked my actor Id.  If I leave it as is, I see my id#.  I then choose drop-down, pick a list, and try to create a list from my actors' table.  But then, "Use value from first field" I pick my Id, because it's that number that I want saved in the database.  The 2nd display value I want is Name...  but then I'd like to see the surname too because I might have more than one actor with the same family name...  I would like to see a concatenation of Name & , & Initial & Surname...

Is there a way to do it right then and there, OR should I create a calculated value that is called FullName with my concatenated strings?