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FileMaker 16 Lockup Puzzle

Question asked by persistentfool on Apr 19, 2018
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Only one “Problem machine” locks up FileMaker 16 when the mission critical FileMaker file is opened from FileMaker Server 16. However same file runs fine from network/server on four other machines and when opened on the “Problem machine” from Drive C.



I have been working with FileMaker since version 2 and have never ran into a situation like this before. I am curious to see who can solve this puzzle.


I have a mission critical FileMaker 16 file that works fine on three Windows 7 machines and one Mac. It is hosted on FileMaker Server 16. However, I have another Windows 7 “Problem machine” that works fine when the file is opened from the C Drive, but when opened from FileMaker Server 16 – this one “Problem machine” will consistently “lockup” when we go to certain layouts-with-summary-fields. Just for grins I also tried opening the file from a shared drive and it then locks up on those layouts as well. By “Lockup” I mean that you get the Coffee Cup cursor and the “Summarizing Field…” dialog but it becomes unresponsive and usually we have to “End Task” to close FileMaker. Sometimes, if you let it run for over an hour, Windows will notice that FileMaker is “not responding” and will prompt you to close FileMaker.


The fact that it operates normally on the “Problem machine” when the file is on Drive C leads me to believe the FileMaker installation is not at fault. None-the-less, I have removed and reinstalled FileMaker 16 and its required components multiple times (including but not limited to Bonjour, Java, Microsoft .net, Visual C++ Redistributables.) I have also used Revo Uninstaller to remove all registry references to FileMaker before reinstalling to try and fix the problem. I have also ran Windows 7 System File Checker and it found no problem with the OS.


Further Details:

FM Server running on Windows Server 2012R2 with all updates installed. All machines on the same Windows domain.


Windows 7 Machines are identical Dell Optiplex 7020 with 8GB Ram and spacious hard drives with plenty of available RAM and drivespace. All BIOS, Driver, and OS updates have been installed.


I have even installed FileMaker 15 and FileMaker 17 on the “Problem machine” to see if that helped – but it did not – it still locks up on the same layouts.


It cannot be the file – it opens and loads fine on 4 other machines regardless of how it is opened and goes to the same layouts-with-summary-fields without a problem.


I recovered the file to see if that helped – but the recovered file behaves the same.