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Open URL mixed environment

Question asked by markpelleymounter on Apr 20, 2018
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For many years my end users have all been on windows, but now one person has a mac, and this is causing an issue with a container.


I have a contianer called "Image_Data" into which I can insert a jpeg or pdf plan using the following simple script:InsertPart1.JPG

Now, the file is on a shared drive to which everyone has access, and we have made sure that all users have the drive mapped to the same drive letter (in this case W:)


The users press a button which fires off a script to open the image or pdf:



I have added the If statements to determine if the user is on pc or mac


Line 4 works fine for the windows users and opens the file properly, but no matter how I edit Line 6 (here I have changed it to be what the mac calls the drive), i cannot get it to open on the mac.


Where am I going wrong (I have already tried iterations of / \ // etc.