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Product Loaders with Quantities / Multiple Users

Question asked by BuzzardJunction on Apr 20, 2018
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Let's say there's an quotes/invoices layout with a product picker setup in a separate window. In the picker portal, the user also enters quantities, then they load multiple products at once with the associated quantities.


Attached is a pic of the portal in the sample file I created.  It tracks invoice ids and sessions as well to try to combat multi-user messiness.  Products from other user's sessions are blocked.

Screenshot 2018-04-20 13.48.27.png



Afterwards, there's a cleanup script that erases the quantities in products for that unique user in that particular invoice. For what they're doing, it's a lot faster than batch loading products, and then entering quantities into the invoice line items.


However, let's say this hypothetical business has grown significantly.  Even though the picker portal "blocks" products that other users are loading into their invoices, users may have to wait a long time before those products become available again.


How might this issue be solved while retaining the quantities in the product loader?