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How to keep a global field unlocked across different clients?

Question asked by StevieP on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by philmodjunk

This one is doing my head in - I've tried to fix it for over a year now with no solution in sight.

The situation is as follows: in the office we send the schedule to the production by entering all the info into a field. This same field is shown (as TEXT, not as a field) on the screen of the production (a different layout). Now, the problem is that the people of production almost NEVER "commit" their values. Basically, they leave the cursor in some field or other, causing the record to get locked.


Not a problem except it ALSO locks the global field that contains the schedule so we, in the office, cannot alter the schedule. We have to walk all the way to the production computer, click outside the field, tell the people there to always commit their data (after a year of this, you can imagine how well they listen to us) and then walk all the way back. Very good for our condition but very annoying when you have to do this 10 times a day.


Basically, I need a way to put a global field on a layout that does NOT get locked when the ***** of production decide to once again leave a field active. I've tried putting the field in an external table, giving it only a single record, but that didn't work either. I've tried to put it in a portal but that didn't work either.


So does anyone have any idea how to best solve this (without making it too complicated? I like to keep everything as tidy as possible)? Thank you!