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Uploading pdf has changed from a few seconds to 60+

Question asked by MartinBridges on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by DavidKamar


I have a number of databases on FMS 14 on a virtual server which has been running ok for the last couple of years. Once a blue moon I upload an image. I noticed a few weeks ago when uploading a pdf it took over 60 seconds, where normally it would only take a few seconds. I checked my broadband speed, tested it on a mac and a pc to various databases (on the same server) and got the same slow result. No recent system upgrades etc, couldn't see anything obvious. A dozen or more other people who regularly upload documents didn't say anything. So assumed it might be local to me and didn't do anything.


Till yesterday, when one person on a different physical site, as of yesterday, is now experiencing the same huge difference in upload speed ie a few seconds to over 60.


I’ve just tried a quick test using a 34kb pdf inserted in a container field into a database on my desktop. A couple of seconds.

Same 34kb pdf to a database on my server. 67 seconds.


Same 34kb pdf to a database on a different server. 6 seconds.


I've found no suggestion of this anywhere on the net. Any suggestions as to where I start to look would be appreciated.