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BaseElements Plugin:  BE_ExecuteSystemCommand & OS X 10.13.4

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by fmpdude

I recently upgraded my development server to OS X 10.13.4 with FMS 16.0.4.  The FMS has two plugins, MBS and BaseElements.  I use BaseElements to execute a system level command with BE_ExecuteSystemCommand to execute FMSADMIN commands.  For example:


set variable [ $Command ; Value: "/usr/local/bin/fmsadmin -u " & $User & " -p " & $Password & "list clients -s" ]

set variable [ $Online ; Value: BE_ExecuteSystemCommand ( $Command ) ]


This results in the list of online clients.  Or I might use some other FMSADMIN command like closing a file or logging off a user, etc. 


Since I upgraded to OS X 10.13.4, this no longer works unfortunately.  Have others noticed this too? 


The FileMaker Roadmap says it has a Rearchitect FileMaker Server Admin Console access via REST API.  Maybe FM knew this problem would be coming from Apple and the new REST API to Admin Console is the solution hopefully in the next version of FM.  But for now I think I'm out of luck. 


Just be wary if you are dependent on the BE_ExecuteSystemCommand that OS X 10.13.4 might not play friendly together. 


If someone has a workaround, let me know.  Thanks