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Basic ExecuteSQL question

Question asked by rodwright on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2018 by rodwright

Newbie FileMaker user here. I have written numerous SQL statements using other databases. I need to use a SQL statement that will return multiple values. My Select will be something like


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT EmpID, EmpName FROM Employees"; ""; "" )


I have seen many examples showing this being placed in a script as


Let ( $Result = ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT EmpID, EmpName FROM Employees"; ""; ""; ) )


So now $Result will have a value of something like


1234,John Jones¶1235,Janice Mably¶1236,Bryan Smith¶


What I haven't found is the text function to break $Result down so that I can use the actual values returned by the ExecuteSQL. Would someone please enlighten me?