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Runtime beginning to load then exiting

Question asked by tays01s on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2018 by mikeo'neil

I have a Runtime that opens correctly on my current Mac but on 2 other Macs, it gets to the start screen then immediately exits the application. On 1 of these 'problem Macs' I have FMA 14.0.6 (as on my current Mac) and the 'base file' used for the Runtime loads correctly.


I've used the same version of base file to create a PC64-bit Runtime. This loads correctly from the C drive when I log on, but not for another user using exactly the same license.


This problem didn't exist with previous versions of Runtime and 1 different is use of a  check that file exists script on startup using ('BE_File exists'), though I can't see an obvious connection, particularly since the RT runs on 1 Mac and 1 PC.


My next move is to leave Admin rights active and recreate the Runtime to try to pin down what is happening.


Since I haven't added in any 'Exit Application' lines, are there obvious candidates for why this might happen?