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I'm currently working on a solution. The company that I work for focuses on repairing consumer computers and various electronics. Our team is divided into several branches: Sales & Support and the workshop (and me =D).


This is the situation:

When taking in a product we have to look up or register our clients so that we can make an invoice for them. At this moment the employees at the workshop can search clients by their surname. When they type in a part of a surname they get corresponding results. The results contain the surname, the ID, and the company of the client. As soon as they select a surname from the given results and press 'Return' there are dynamic fields (such as address, full name, telephone number and so on)  that are automatically filled in based on the surname of the client. This is to make up the invoice.


Basically, what I've done is created an input field that acts like a search field. The results that show up once typing come from an input list that is based on a table with client information. The dynamic fields are, as stated above, automatically filled in as a result of a calculation.


The problem is that they can only search on surname, but I also want to make it possible to search on a company name.


I know that this is a lot of information. I provided a screenshot which hopefully makes things more clear. Note: The application itself is in Dutch, but I provided some translations.


Please let me know if you need more information or screenshots.


Thank you in advance!