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Find Mode Conditional Value List: <no values defined>

Question asked by wxtyrs on Apr 20, 2018
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Perhaps someone can educate me ...


I have a value list that, using a conditional self-join related table, shows values from the found records only.


This works extremely well in the "browse" mode.


However, in the "find" mode the popup shows only "<no values defined>" in the value list.


The value list is meant to restrict the user's potential search to those values in the self-joined table only.


A workaround elsewhere in my solution is not to enter the find mode immediately. Rather the value-list selection populates a global variable, which is then used in a subsequent "perform find" routine hidden from the user.


But that pertains to a single search field on the layout.


The new situation involves many potential find variables in one dedicated search layout.  I'd prefer to omit the intermediate step above to reduce the routine's complexity if at all possible.


Given the potential variations in the find routines, I'd also prefer not to use executeSQL to generate the value lists.


I am running FMPA 16.05 on an iMac27 w/ 32GB RAM.


Thank you.