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Runtime haunted ? unable to find it's primary file

Question asked by ekami on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by rgordon

Hello from France.

Please excuse my bad english.

FMP Advanced v 16.0.5 - MacOS High Sierra 13.3.4

I have no problem to compile a runtime and make it run locally.

If i zip the folder of the runtime, copy it to an usb drive and dezip it on another Mac with Sierra or High Sierra, the runtime works normaly.

But if i place this same .zip file on my DropBox or pCloud public folder and next download it using Safari, Chrome or Firefox, after downloading and deziping it on a iMac under Sierra (HFS+ disk) or  a MacBook Pro under High Sierra (APFS disk), the runtime is unable to find the primary file it has to open. Of course, the file is exactly at the right place with the right name and extension.

When opening the runtime i have a message " The primary file "DBFile" cannot be found and is required for this application " and the runtime asks to locate the primary file and opens it normally if i choose it manually.

The app seems to have lost all the settings used during the compilation of the runtime.

Even the closing splash screen i choose is replaced by the default FMPro splash screen when quitting.

MacOS 10.11.6 "El Capitan" is not affected by the bug.

I suspected pCloud and Dropbox, the zip file, i tried creating a .dmg file to encapsulate the folder, but the problem remains intact: after a http or https download, the app fails to find the primary file.

i tried resetting the launch services, without success.

I am now absolutely sure that the problem is inside the runtime app, and this bug is driving me crazy because i absolutely need to distribute this runtime without a major issue like this.

For the moment i placed the .zip (or .DMG) file on a local FTP and AFP server, and after downloading it via FTP or AFP the runtime works normally, but i planned using my DropBox or pCloud public folders to distribute the runtime because these services have a perfect availability and a huge bandwidth compared to my small FTP server.

I know that runtimes have major restrictions, but this bug seems totally incomprehensible.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated, because i'm desperate finding a solution.

Best regards, ekami.