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How does one go to a specific found set record as follows ...?

Question asked by wxtyrs on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by erolst

Thank you for any advice on how to do the following ...



List a found set in a related Card Window, then go to the selected record form without altering the overall found set.


The is, for example, navigate to record #7 of 20 found records.



Two table occurrences, with the second being a self-join via the found set's collective UUIDs.



GTRR does not work because the self join's basis is the found UUIDs not a specific record identifier.


Process in more a bit more detail:


(1) identify subset of records in main form window; (2) move to Card Window to review list of said records using portal relationship; (3) select specific record of interest; (4) go to that record in the found set of the main window to view.


Do so without disrupting the found set: eg, doing an altogether new find based on the chosen record UID.




An alternative is to do a search that results in two main windows in the form view, not one.  The first window shows the original found set; the second, based on a find routine, shows only the selected record's form.