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Scripting a Find with Extend found set

Question asked by AitchB on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by AitchB

I've moved on from my last problem!! Hope I can find help with this. I have a list of fields: Name 1 and Name 2 and its data. I need to produce a list of all fields in N1 that are “Joe“ AND all fields in N2 that are “Joe“ (or another name). I have done it manually, successfully:



Search bar opens. Enter “Joe“ in N1 (from that field's Dropdown list)

Perform find



Search bar opens. Enter “Joe“ in N2 (from that field's Dropdown list)

Requests/Extend found set


With a script as below, what I am expecting (and I may be totally wrong) is Layout opens, the search bar appears, choose Name 1, return, the search bar reappears, choose Name 2, return but when I try to script it the script fails!


Finds: Find Purchases for Ledger

Go to Layout
[ “Journal Purchases” (Journal) ]
Show All Records
Enter Find Mode
[ Restore ] [ Pause Off ]

Perform Find [ ]

Enter Find Mode [ Restore ] [ Pause Off ]

Extend Found Set [ ]


No fields are specified in either find.


Grateful for any help and very appreciative of it too.