How do I flatten related records? Or just do double loop?

Discussion created by pinestream on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by erolst

I have a tablet of subscribers and a related table of email addresses for each subscriber. I have been trying to create a flat form/report like:


subscriber1 email1

subscribe1 email2


subscriber2 email1



But have been unsuccessful. I want to accomplish two things:


1. Be able to export the flat list of email addresses, which would seem to require this solution.


2. Send an email to each subscribe. I was trying to use this methodology unsuccessfully, but I guess I can also loop through the subscriber list and then loop through the emails in each subscribers portal using an inner loop.


3. Get a total count of subscriber emails.


Comments? Is it possible to create/display the flat file? Or should I just stick with the double loop strategy?