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Question asked by eric on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by eric

Server IP Addresses.pngIn the admin console status I can see that several labels say "IP Addresses" (plural), but I only ever see one IP address in those fields even though our servers have several names and numbers each.


I guess I wouldn't care, except deployment seems to pick whichever one IP address it wants, despite what I specified.

Then it doesn't matter what address the browser specified to reach WebDirect; the server seems to forward browsers to that one default name showing in the console whenever they open a WebDirect solution.


Is there a way to specify the multiple IP Addresses that can reach the servers,

and for the browser to just keep using the address the browser started with—without being switched to some mysterious default address?


By the way, the browsers take several seconds to open WebDirect solutions and even the WebDirect launch page. After opening, performance seems normal while using the WebDirect solution. Could this be related to this IP Addresses confusion?