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Selecting all data from another record

Question asked by mrtinvan on Apr 23, 2018
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I'm working on a Project Tracking tool, and I've laid out the DB so everything connects back to the Project itself, with other ancillary tables for pertinent information. Our projects have the same sales staff or project managers, and i've got PM's and Sales Reps as separate tables, in a Many (Projects) to One (Sales and PM) relationship.


I store the First and Last names separately in each table, and run a summary to get a full name. There are other fields like phone number, email and address.


I'd like my staff to be able select an existing sales person or PM from a dropdown menu in the layout, and have it populate the remaining information like phone number, address and email. If the person they are looking for is not in the DB then they can add a new one.


How can I do this?