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Question asked by Cécile on Apr 23, 2018
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I know what I am about to ask is not really "fair play". As usually I ask question after I tortured myself and researched and tried before asking. I'm in  a panick right now because I have to deliver "something" usable today. The solution is far from being ready so I decided to do a bare bone of what my client need to start using his tool while I finish the real solution. I modified a startup solution and so far it looks like i might be able to pull this off but I have never worked with sub-summaries before so I don't really understand how they work.

In the attached image you can see what the document for printing setup looks like. (ugly but better than nothing).


The client wants two levels of sub summaries: by type of solution and by categories.  There are 4 types of solutions and 6 categories of products. All products are coded for both fields  eg:

Item                Solution   class                  Category          

Dell monitor -  Assets and purchases - Work Stations


what do I have to change  on the print document layout to get something like:


Assets anprinting.pngd purchases

      VOIP and telecom

             item 1

             item 2

      Work stations

              item 4

              item 5

Manage hosting and office tools

      Work stations

               item 6

Time bank


                item 7 - deployment pkg

          VOIP and telecom

                item 8 - support pkg